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Rose oil BG is an online store for Bulgarian Natural Cosmetics.

Skin and beauty care every day! This is the basis of each of the products on our page, combining the best of nature they keep the skin naturally healthy and beautiful. Immerse yourself in the world of essential oils of chamomile, pine, lavender, lemon balm, juniper, Bulgarian rose oil, floral waters and natural cosmetics, aroma therapy and spa products, as well as food supplements, whose integral part is natural bee products, essential oils and primarily rose oil.
Two species of oil rose are grown in Bulgaria: Rosa Alba and Rosa Damascena. In the past the rose has been grown in the city of Damascus, Syria from where its name comes – Damascene. In the 13th century the rose was transferred to Turkey, then to Bulgaria and in the 17th century it was transferred to France. The moderate continental climate, the sandy soil and the mountain water are three major factors because Damascene rose finds the most favorable conditions for cultivation right here at the foot of the Stara Planina Mountains in the Rose Valley.
Rose oil, as well as other essential oils and floral waters, are used in cosmetics, perfumery, pharmacy, which are of high quality and guarantee consumers an aromatic delight, enjoyment of use and a positive cosmetic effect.
We believe that investment in health can never grow too big.





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